MADAM - A regular shopper at Aldi Wollaston, I popped into Aldi Stourbridge the other week and thought nothing more about it. That is until I received notice of a £70 parking fine, reduced to £40 if I paid within 2 weeks.

I couldn't believe it.

I returned to check the place out and yes, there are notices telling you to input your car details into a terminal in the store.

But I'd not seen these signs or the terminal on my first visit and Aldi Wollaston is free parking so I never considered Aldi Stourbridge would be any different.

At least there's an appeal process. I checked my bank statement and found evidence of my Aldi Stourbridge purchase. I sent this with my appeal, but the appeal was rejected.

I wonder am I the only one to be caught out by this?

I was basically fined £70/£40 for spending £4.02 at Aldi.

Are Aldi happy their customers are being penalised in this way?

Andrew Turner