VOLUNTEERS have been busy planting to ensure Stourbridge blossoms for its return to the Heart of England in Bloom campaign.

The town is set to re-enter the prestigious competition once again for the first time since 2015.

The big plant has already got underway with many baskets and planters being filled with hundreds of flowers by groups and individuals from across the community.

Meanwhile cleaning, weeding and tidying will be going on right up until judging day - Tuesday July 16.

Stourbridge won eight consecutive gold awards in the highly competitive Bloom campaign up until 2015 but after local authority cuts took their toll on efforts to spruce up the town - organiser David Harcourt put any further bids for glory on hold.

But the campaign is back for 2019 and a host of new groups including The University of third Age (U3A) have been putting on their gardening gloves to help ensure the town blooms as the Heart of England judges sweep into town.

Mr Harcourt said: "If everyone can do a little bit we'll get more done and it's more fun. We always want more people but it has really surprised me the amount of people coming out and offering to help."

Anyone interested in joining the growing band of volunteers can email David Harcourt at harcourt51@aol.com.