A FORMER Kinver High School student, aged just 20, is set to open her first shop this weekend - inspired by her beloved nans.

Heather Tombs is opening her own vintage inspired shop in Chenevare Mews, off Kinver High Street, on Saturday June 29.

Having decided to take the plunge and open the new venture after the death of her nan, Sonia Powell, who passed away from pancreatic cancer earlier this year, Heather said: "My nan died in March and family became the most important thing.

"My nan was my best friend and encouraged me a lot. I love upcycling and being creative and so I decided to put everything my nan taught me to good use.

"My shop will stock vintage and pre-loved items as well as beautiful things for family, friends and the home.

"I will also be an official stockist of chalk paint supplying creative people in Kinver and surrounding areas.

"It's inspired by a time when life was less hectic."

The shop has been named after Heather's great grandmothers Winnie and Olive and the grand opening will be on what would have been her great granny Olive's 113th birthday. She said: "It's meant to be I think."

"If my nans were alive today they would be pulling on a pinnie to help me."

Heather, who has lived in Stourbridge all her life, confessed she is both "scared and really excited" about the venture which she said will also act as a plastic plant pot recycling centre for Kinver. She said: "I want to help the environment as much as I can and I look forward to supporting the local community.

"I know my nan would be proud and would love that I named my shop after her mom and my grandpa's mom."

For more details check out the Facebook page - Winnie & Olive.