A NEW memorial has been unveiled at a Stourbridge school in memory of a pupil who died in tragic circumstances.

Redhill School students and staff gathered to see a statue designed by Black Country artist Luke Perry as a tribute to Pierce Wilkinson, who was murdered at his home in Stourbridge in 2017 aged 13.

Members of the school gathered along with the teenager's family for a ceremony of commemoration and remembrance led by the head boy and girl, Ben Bishop and Rabia Rehman.

Redhill headteacher, Christine McGrail, told the gathering the sculpture 'will allow people who were close to Pierce to have their own memories of him' as well as for those who did not, as it will be a permanent structure within the school grounds for many years to come.

Former Redhill student Mr Perry said he wanted to show and reflect the life of a young man who was ready to fulfil his education and life of adventure.

The sculpture features a model of the HMS Beagle, the ship that Charles Darwin explored the far reaches of the globe on for his book On the Origin of Species.

The design also includes interlocking scrolls with quotes from the stories of Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings to include more of Pierce’s greatest interests and inspirations.