THE West Midlands has the greatest number of places to have a beer or a glass of wine per square mile, outside Greater London, according to a study on the UK’s drinking culture.

Vape product suppliers have analysed data from the Government Office of National Statistics (ONS) to see which areas of the UK have the highest concentration of alcohol licenses – and the research has shown the West Midlands has 24 places to enjoy an alcoholic drink per square mile, with Manchester and Tyne and Wear just behind with 18 – compared to Greater London’s 52 per square mile.

In the Dudley borough – there are 1,032 licensed premises in total (including cafes and restaurant which sell alcohol) – which works out at 27 places to grab a drink per square mile; while in neighbouring Sandwell there are 922 licensed premises – 28 per square mile.

Do you think there are too many or not enough pubs in the borough?