A SPATE of graffiti has appeared in prominent locations across Halesowen, leading for calls for businesses to come forward with any CCTV footage.

A trail of graffiti starts at Wilko, then appears at newly-reopened Picks pub, on buildings along Peckingham Street, down to Fountain House, before reappearing on the Halesowen in Bloom boat and along the Queensway.

CCTV at the Cornbow Shopping Centre shows two individuals carrying out the act at around 3.20am this morning (August 9). They are caught again ten minutes later on camera on Peckingham Street.

Eve O'Connor, from Halesowen in Bloom, said: "We're extremely disappointed, as we and the community have worked so hard.

"It's disappointing that two individuals can destroy it in such a way."

She is encouraging businesses in the town centre to check their CCTV from the early hours of this morning to see if more images can be obtained of the perpetrators.

The incident has been reported to the police and also Dudley Council.

Despite the upsetting scenes, Eve said it has been encouraging to see how Halesowen in Bloom has received many messages of support from the community.

She added: "This will get resolved but it has been good to know that the community cares so much about the town."

Dudley Council has been approached for a comment.