A MISSING letter O from the Lye Cross sign has finally been returned 10 years after it vanished.

The O was dropped off anonymously at Lye's oldest pub The Holly Bush yesterday (Tuesday) after a social media storm over the missing letter broke out the day before.

The piece of signage is believed to have fallen off the Lye Cross parade of shops and flats around a decade ago but it's unclear where it has been kept for all these years.

A member of the Lye and Wollescote Action group told how they had been offered the missing piece of signage for £50 by a lady from Halesowen and talk of the offer and what had become of the Lye Cross O spread like wildfires on social media.

After much debate, however, the missing letter has now been returned free of charge and community campaigner Craig Lees hopes to have it put back in its rightful place.

He said: "After 10 years the missing O from the Lye Cross sign is back in the Lye. It'll definitely be going back up on the building."

The sign currently sports a somewhat mismatched O which was generously created and installed earlier this year thanks to efforts by Tory campaigner Kamran Razzaq and builder Pete Lee who is a councillor for Amblecote.

Mr Razzaq said: "Pete Lee made it for free and put it up after I approached him as it was something people had raised with me. Obviously it doesn't match but it was just a little gesture to promote a bit of positivity. It did the job but I'm happy they've found the original one and I'm hoping we can get that one put back up quite soon."