MURDER is no laughing matter – except when Inspector Drake is on the trail.

The latest stage play featuring the world’s greatest comedy detective is a laugh-a-minute.

And as if the antics of the hapless cop, played by Alan Birch, and his bumbling sidekick Plod (Steve Witney) are not enough to raise the roof – the pair are joined by Black Country comedy star Doreen in this hilarious whodunit which started its run at Stourbridge Town Hall on Friday (October 11).

Together the trio bring to life playwright David Tristram’s tale of Inspector Drake & The Black Widow which sees Drake investigating the perplexing death of oil tycoon John Johnson.

Wollaston professional actor Alan Birch, aged 59, star of both movie outings about the inept inspector, melts effortlessly back in to the role he has played on stage and screen since he was 25.

Co-star Steve Witney too picks up the role of blundering Plod with ease and aplomb.

The pair work just as well together on stage as they did on screen in the cult film outings – and there are plenty of funny, and even a few touching, moments during this incredibly imaginative show.

A great set, wonderfully well-structured plot and a rich and punchy script ensure a fun and laughter-filled night out at the theatre as Drake tries to find out why the murder victim was badly disguised as his own wife, why he had eaten a tortoise, and why all the women in the house look familiar.

There’s no doubt, however, that the big audience draw is the appearance of internet sensation turned stage and film star Doreen, who has enjoyed a roller coaster ride to fame since she appeared in 'Inspector Drake - The Seagull' back in 2012.

The Black Country comedy star – devised by writer and film-maker David Tristram in 2012 – appears as no less than six outlandishly different characters during the show; and every single one is brilliantly brought to life by the multi-talented performer who steals the scenes she features in.

The play, presented by Flying Ducks theatre company, will also be performed at Cannock Prince of Wales Theatre this Friday (October 18), Walsall Forest Arts on Friday October 25, Birmingham's Crescent Theatre on Thursday November 14 and Bridgnorth's Theatre on the Steps on November 21, 22 and 23

Tickets are available online from the web link above.