STOURBRIDGE MP Margot James has confirmed she plans to vote for the Prime Minister's Brexit deal this weekend.

The Tory turned independent MP, who rebelled against the Government in a bid to prevent Boris Johnson forcing through a no-deal Brexit when he took office in September, says she plans to vote for the current deal on the table to try to get Brexit done as she is mindful that the majority of Stourbridge voters voted to leave the EU.

She told the News today: "I will be returning to Westminster tomorrow in order to vote for the deal the Prime Minister concluded with the the EU in Brussels yesterday.

"Over the last 12 months I have received a huge volume of emails, and contact via social media, about Brexit.

"My office have maintained a tally of how the views of constituents break down, and I remain ever mindful that 64 per cent of the votes cast in the Stourbridge constituency were for Leave.

"On the basis of that referendum result, and the views that continue to be expressed, I believe there is still a clear majority in Stourbridge for leaving the EU hence my decision to support the deal tomorrow.

"I am concerned about the risks to the future of the UK caused by the decision to allow Northern Ireland to remain in the EU Single Market. I fear that Scotland will want the same treatment; and if that is not forthcoming then the pressure for a second independence referendum will gather pace.

"It is important to note that what I trust will be agreed by Parliament tomorrow is just a starting point for negotiations about our future relationship with the EU.

"I am disappointed the PM has removed many of the commitments made by the former PM that provided for frictionless trade and maximum access to the single market for goods and services. But that is a debate for another day; the priority for Parliament tomorrow is to get off the starting blocks by passing the deal."