THE Brexit Party has suffered a blow in Dudley South after their candidate Paul Brothwood jumped ship to the Tories.

The former UKIP and Dudley councillor has turned his back on Nigel Farage to back Conservative MP Mike Wood.

Mr Brothwood fears splitting the votes of Brexit supporters between the two parties could open the door for a Labour/Lib Dem coalition in Parliament who would aim to keep Britain in the EU.

Paul Brothwood said: “This has been a huge decision for me personally. I have talked at length with Mike about his vision for our area and I know it’s safe in his hands plus he is committed to delivering Brexit.

“It feels good to be back in the Conservative family who are committed to delivering Brexit and I am confident that Boris Johnson is the best person to stand up for Britain.”

Mr Wood is happy to have his former political adversary on board, he said: “He shares my vision for our area and our country, and I am delighted that he will now be supporting our work to deliver on it."

He is also believes voters are sure about where he stands on Brexit.

Mr Wood added: "I'm confident I have got a strong record in respect of the decision voters in Dudley South took.

"For most voters my message is very strong on Brexit."

Education SEcretary and neighbouring MP Gavin Williamson, who represents South Staffordshire, said: “Paul has spent many years campaigning to get Britain out of the EU and has recognised the only way to deliver that is by voting Conservative at this election so we can get Brexit done.”