STOURBRIDGE'S new Parliamentary candidate for the Conservatives has admitted she voted Remain in the EU Referendum.

The town's Conservative Association promised to install a "Brexit candidate that can help to deliver Brexit" after former MP Margot James announced she would not be seeking re-election after her voting history on Brexit cast a shadow within the Association and the constituency.

Birmingham city councillor Suzanne Webb was last Thursday confirmed as the new Parliamentary candidate for the Conservatives in Stourbridge and on Saturday she hit the streets with the Mayor of the West Midlands Andy Street to get General Election campaigning underway.

Businesswoman Ms Webb, aged 53, from Sutton Coldfield, was announced as a 'proud Brexiteer' and she told the News she has "campaigned vigorously as a Brexiteer".

But it turns out - she did not, herself, vote for Brexit.

She told the News she was working in Germany when the referendum was held and the single market worked well for her at that time. However, a background working in logistics meant she understood the importance of Brexit and on June 24 she became a Brexiteer.

She said: "Whether I voted to Leave or Remain is irrelevant now.

"I think the debate now needs to move on from whether anyone voted Leave or Remain as it becomes nothing but divisive.

Brexit is a fantastic opportunity for the UK.

"There is no greater act of patriotism, for all of us, to come together and seize the fantastic opportunity that Brexit can bring - and that I believe in.

"From the moment the result was announced I have campaigned vigorously as a Brexiter to ensure we deliver Brexit.

"I supported all four of the Brexit votes that happened in Parliament; 2020 can be an amazing year for the UK regaining our sovereignty. I am 100 per cent committed to getting Brexit done, come what may, and we need to get Brexit done."

Stourbridge Conservative Association chairman Roger Spencer said when Ms Webb was confirmed as the party's new Parliamentary candidate: "I think Stourbridge has got a first class candidate."

It seems, however, that she was not quizzed on how she had voted in the referendum during the selection process.

Mr Spencer said: "Nobody at the meeting asked that question. It's irrelevant."

He said all three final candidates were asked what they would do if there was a hung Parliament and no deal was the only solution and he added: "All three, including Suzanne, said they would vote to leave. No question."

He said it "doesn't matter" whether they voted Leave or Remain in the referendum "if they're committed to Brexit" and he added: "I didn't mind with Margot - she only lost favour and support because she voted against the government."

Mr Spencer said he didn't think it would "make much difference" to voters how Ms Webb voted on June 23, 2016, and he stressed: "We're totally committed to Brexit and if she wins we shall expect her to play her part in delivering it."