STOURBRIDGE eco group Transition Stourbridge is encouraging people to cut down on waste by giving the gift of time this Christmas.

The group has been dishing out free 'gift of time' vouchers to shoppers as part of its green Christmas campaign or they can be downloaded from

Transition Stourbridge member Susan Jones said: "Christmas may be a wonderful time but it's also one of the most wasteful. Many people feel under pressure to give lots of expensive presents and even more get into debt, which is sad when the most important gift you can ever give someone is completely free.

"We have 5,800 vouchers which we are giving out for free in the run-up to Christmas.

"The vouchers can also be picked up from various independent shops in the town; Fair and Square and the Made In Stourbridge shop in the Ryemarket, Stourbridge Health Store in Victoria Passage and VGN Boulevard Restaurant.