TWO cousins from Lye who took part in a vicious gang attack on a man in a dispute over a long running family feud have been jailed.

The victim was punched and kicked after being cornered in a hairdresser's shop in Lye High Street before being stripped and hauled naked out of the premises in front of a crowd who had gathered at the scene.

Judge James Burbidge QC at Wolverhampton Crown Court said: "This incident was born out of a family dispute over land and there are appropriate and proper ways to determine these issues. Turning to violence in a public place is not one of them."

Mohammed Tazabar and Mohammed Tariq were among four men who set upon taxi driver Majid Yasin and he threw hairdressing equipment at them in a desperate bid to keep them at bay - Dean Easthope, prosecuting, said.

He told the court the incident was filmed by 22-year-old Tariq and he then put the video on the internet with Mr Yassim feeling completely humiliated.

In a victim impact statement he later told police officers he had been badly affected by the fact the film had been seen "all over the world" and he continued to suffer flashbacks as a result of the attack.

Tazabar, aged 39, from Crabbe Street, and Tariq, of Vicarage Road, admitted affray and they were locked up for 19 months and 12 months respectively.

They were further banned by the judge from having any contact with Mr Yasin for the next five years.

Cathlyn Orchard, defending Tariq, maintained he had been involved because of loyalty to family members as she agreed it was an "unpleasant" incident.

Simon Rippon, for Tazabar, told the court he had got "carried away" in the incident as he stressed he had not been involved in any trouble since.

Tazabar's two brothers were not present for the hearing having also admitted affray and they are expected to be sentenced for their part in the incident in the future.

Tazabeth Mohammed, aged 26, arrived at court after the case had ended and he was remanded in custody until January 24 by the judge for sentence.

Babbar Sahbar, aged 30, also of Crabbe Street, Lye, is believed to be in Pakistan and a warrant without bail was issued for his arrest.