DEVELOPERS working to build new luxury homes on a Kinver field say the recent storms have proven the new properties will be well protected from any potential future flooding.

Villagers were worried about the risk of flooding on the land off Hyde Lane where developer Elan Homes is set to build 45 new executive homes and fears heightened during the deluge that came with Storm Ciara and Storm Dennis - which left the area bordering the development plot underwater when nearby Mill Brook burst its banks.

But Elan Homes have moved to reassure potential residents of the properties that measures to prevent flooding in the event of future storms are proving effective.

A spokesperson said: “Our site area naturally slopes steeply from Hyde Lane down to the Mill Brook. The development has been designed in accordance with the requirements set out in the National Planning Policy Framework and the associated Planning Practice Guidance. All houses are focused at the higher levels and elevated from surrounding ground levels to ensure water flows away from the built development and down towards the Mill Brook.

Stourbridge News: Street scene similar to how the Elan Homes development in Hyde Lane will lookStreet scene similar to how the Elan Homes development in Hyde Lane will look

“A detailed hydraulic modelling exercise of the Mill Brook was undertaken to better understand the risk and part of the development area has been allocated to manage and control flood water movement during extreme storm events whilst not causing any off-site detriment rather than trying to prevent floods altogether."

She said the lower part of the site next to Mill Brook will have no structures built upon it and it has been reserved as public open space which will include a new balancing pond and she added: "The recent storm events have proven this strategy effective in diverting storm water run-off into the designated areas despite the works being incomplete.”

The award-winning leading housebuilder plans to build a mix of two, three and four bedroom semi-detached and detached homes, including bungalows, on the 3.6-acre site after buying the land from Richborough Estates which was granted outline planning consent for the development at the end of 2018, with a further application approved in September 2019.

A spokesperson for Staffordshire District Council said: "The Flood Team at Staffordshire County Council and the Environment Agency were consulted on both applications. A full drainage strategy was included with the reserved matters application and the EA raised no objections to the final scheme that was approved."

David Summers, regional managing director for Elan Homes, said of the site as work got underway: “The site in Kinver is beautiful and reflects our ethos of building in desirable locations where people will love to live. We are very much looking forward to bringing our high quality, design-led homes to Kinver and building houses that contribute to the local community and character of the village.”

The head of the Environment Agency, Sir James Bevan, recently admitted it would be unrealistic to ban all development in the flood plain and he expects, as the population grows, to see the number of homes in the flood plain double in the next 50 years.

But in a speech on February 25 he cautioned against the "wrong kind of development in the flood plain" and properties built on flood plains should have sustainable drainage and be flood resilient.

The new homes at The Hyde are due to be released for sale in April, with the first homes scheduled to be ready to move into by late summer - and it is anticipated the site will be complete by spring 2021.