YOUNG trampolinists from Stourbridge took part in a national competition and returned with a clutch of medals.

Stourbridge-based Ultimate Trampoline Club sent 11 competitors to Cardiff to take part in the Zonal schools trampoline championships.

The contest saw qualifiers from east of England, east Midlands, west Midlands and Wales competing. The Stourbridge club competed fantastically and managed some truly amazing routines.

The results were: Trearna Hart - Zonal Champion; Emily Gibbon (Windsor High) - 5th; Catrise Hart - Zonal Champion; Emily Mae Smith (Hagley RC) - 4th, Felicia Bayley (St James’s) - Zonal Champion; St James’s School team (Felicia Bayley, Imogen Shuttleworth and Taylor Spittle) - Zonal Champions; Rory Gibson (Windsor High) - Zonal Champion; Ellison Hart - 6th; Arryon Hart - Zonal Champion; Joshua Bradbury (Langley Primary) - 5th. Competitors who finished Zonal Champions or above qualified to the national schools finals taking place on Saturday March 14.