PLANS to partially demolish a derelict pub to make way for nine new flats have bene given the green light.

Dudley Council planning chiefs have recommended plans to be approved to partially demolish the dilapidated Old New Inn pub in Brierley Hill town centre and to build a block of nine apartments on the site.

The pub, which has sat dormant for years and is in a state of disrepair, will also be partially conserved.

The officer report, which is available to read online, recommends approval for the scheme, which has been amended following objections to completely demolishing the pub.

The report details how the front of the building will be retained and improved where possible and will be converted into two one-bedroom studio flats on the ground floor and a one two-bedroom flat on the first floor.

The scheme will also see the construction of a new three storey building at the back of the site to house six one-bedroom flats.

An original application planned to completely demolish the pub and create three retail units along with seven flats was shelved after it received seven letters of objection, citing its impact on the Brierley Hill Conservation Area and the loss of a heritage asset.

Dudley South MP Mike Wood also objected to the scheme on grounds of heritage concerns.

Responding to the objections, the plan will now see the conservation of elements of the pub, which dates back to 1824.

The officer report states: "It is proposed to conserve as much of the existing building as possible. A structural survey submitted does however make it clear that the building is significantly in danger of collapse and the areas of retention would be minimal."

Fire damage, damp and frost have 'ravaged' the structure of the building, according to the report.

Recommending the plan for approval, the report concludes: "The development would provide new housing to help meet the boroughs demand for new homes, and the proposed type and tenure’ layout and design are appropriate for the area and can be accommodated without any significant adverse impact on existing residents, trees and heritage assets, or the local highway network.

"The proposals would provide a high quality development, which is considered would make a positive contribution to the area and which constitutes sustainable development."