THERE have been 14 coronavirus related deaths in the community in the region, according to new figures.

The ONS has today (March 31) released regional figures for deaths linked to COVID-19.

Previously only hospital deaths linked to the virus had been made public.

The West Midlands has the second highest COVID-19 death rate after London.

The region has recorded 1,115 deaths up for the week ending March 20, 14 of which were related to coronavirus – a death rate of 0.23.

London recorded 1,008 deaths during the same period, 44 of which were linked to COVID-19 – a death rate of 0.49.

There have been 25,150 cases of coronavirus recorded in the UK, and 1,789 deaths linked to the virus, according to latest figures from Public Health England.

A total of 30 people have now died while suffering from the virus in Dudley and 149 cases of COVID-19 have been recorded in the borough.

Meanwhile - 158 cases have been recorded in Sandwell; and Sandwell and West Birmingham NHS Trust has announced the deaths of 28 people who tested positive for COVID-19.