COMMUNITY spirit is alive and well in one Stourbridge street where neighbours who have been pulling together to help one another are planning socially distanced picnics in their front gardens to mark the 75th anniversary of VE Day.

Residents in Shepherds Brook Road, near Lye, have been keeping in contact through a WhatsApp group.

All households in the street have been invited to join the group where members have been sharing important information and inspiring messages - as well as keeping tabs on vulnerable neighbours.

Residents in the street have also been saying prayers for those with suspected coronavirus symptoms and keyworkers and frontline NHS staff, as well as sharing essential supplies/groceries with each other such as eggs, flour, coffee machines and gin!

Janice Calow said the group has "really brought out the community spirit" and she added: "I'm not joking, these neighbours whom I've never met are now my friends.

"Every morning we post uplifting posts. We are an eclectic bunch for sure - from all creeds, religions and backgrounds. Everyone is pulling together.

"We have been swapping furniture, delivering groceries in crazy costumes, supporting those with COVID-19 in the road, supporting families with children (and autism) ideas for schooling, and sharing jokes.

"Most of the homes have joined and we will be out on VE Day this Friday, dressing up with our picnics on the front garden. I will don my 1940s uniform."

Stourbridge News:

Stourbridge News:

Residents have put the bunting up on their properties ahead of tomorrow's socially distanced VE Day celebration which they hope to re-run in the future as a proper street party when the country emerges from the coronavirus crisis which has now claimed more than 200 lives in Dudley alone.

Residents in Palfrey Road, Wollaston, have also organised a front drive VE Day street party, with strict social distancing in place of course.