BOSSES at the Churchill Shopping Centre in Dudley have revealed how they plan to make the centre safe for shoppers and staff when non-essential shops reopen later this month.

A one-way system, waiting spots separated by two metres and queue lines will be implemented in the centre.

Each individual retailer will limit the number of customers into stores and put in place one-way systems.

Anyone travelling to the centre by bus via the nearby bus station is also encouraged to wear a face covering.

Rob Ellis, asset manager for the Churchill Shopping Centre said: “As we prepare for non-essential retailers to reopen from June 15, shoppers should be aware of some changes to the centre.

“To ensure a safe shopping environment for visitors and staff working on site, the mall will be marked with a one-way system. Queue lines will also be in situ and waiting spots, 2m apart, will be in place.

“All retailers and operators are aware of the guidelines they must follow to safely reopen. This includes limiting numbers into stores, one way and distanced queuing systems, encouraging shoppers to only touch items they intend to buy and where possible pay via a contactless method.

“As the centre is near to the bus station terminal, anyone using public transport is encouraged to wear a face covering, as per government guidelines.

“These measures are in place to allow for a safe environment for all and we look forward to welcoming shoppers back.”

Non-essential stores are allowed to reopen from June 15, as long as safety measures are in place.

Outdoor markets, including Dudley Market, are allowed to fully reopen from Monday, June 1.