CREATIVE youngsters and adult artists alike have been keeping themselves busy during the coronavirus lockdown by building a giant snake fashioned from hand-painted pebbles in a Stourbridge park.

Mum Emma Dorival started building the rock snake - named George - in Greenfield Gardens in the Old Quarter with her daughter Peony, aged three, a few weeks ago and invited little ones to add their own painted pebbles...and the impromptu art installation has now grown to comprise more than 700 brightly-coloured stones.

Stourbridge News:

She said: "It’s really wonderful to see so many children visiting him. It’s a great thing for kids to do on their daily walks, and they love to see the stones their friends have painted when they can’t see them in person right now. "Greenfield Gardens is quite the place to be if you are four-years-old."

Emma hopes even more children will get involved and help to get George up to 1,000 stones long and she added: "There’s stones painted by tiny children and also some rather accomplished artists; there’s even a stone with a knitted cover."