A KIND-HEARTED seven-year-old from Iverley, near Stourbridge, has embarked on a sponsored cycling challenge to help protect the world's endangered species.

Harriet Northall is set to take on 14 cycle rides - each one representing an endangered animal from around the world - to raise money for the World Wildlife Fund (WWF).

The young animal lover who attends Winterfold School, Chaddesley Corbett, will tackle the challenge on an indoor bike set up at her home.

Mum Rebecca said: "Harriet is absolutely obsessed with animals and does everything she can to help them.

"She would love to do more conservation work with them when she can. She’s an extremely caring and sensitive individual and whatever the scenario, she’s always trying to think of what she can do to help."

Harriet was inspired by a recent school assembly which explored the question - 'how can you make a difference in the world?'

The youngster came up with the idea of selecting 14 countries where endangered species are found, and using the screen on her exercise bike to replicate cycling a mile through each.

The challenge will see Harriet attempting to match the terrain with different settings on the bike.

She has also produced fact sheets to share with her classmates on how to reduce plastics that end up in the oceans, including ways that everyone can help at home by encouraging wildlife and habitats - making bee hotels, bird feeders, compost boxes and reusing cups.

Harriet said: "I want to save all the animals in our world and protect our environment.

"The WWF does all the work I’d like to do.

"It might only be one animal we save like the rhinoceros, but it matters to that rhinoceros. We need to leave the animals for everyone else - we need them.”

Harriet set out aiming to raise £250 for the WWF and has already collected more than £400.

To donate, go to justgiving.com/fundraising/harrietshomesforanimals. Everyone who donates will receive a cotton bracelet with ocean-themed charms, made by Harriet herself.