PRIME Minister Boris Johnson has sent his good wishes for a “happy Black Country Day".

Mr Johnson, who visited Dudley two weeks ago to unveil major spending plans to get the country moving again after the coronavirus pandemic, has recorded a short video clip acknowledging the celebratory day and the region's proud heritage.

Stourbridge News:

The PM, pictured below on his visit to Dudley with Mayor of the West Midlands Andy Street, said: “It’s over 300 years since Thomas Newcomen first fired up the world’s first practical steam-engine. Where did he do it? In the Black Country.”

With his characteristic enthusiasm, the Prime Minister finished the clip by saying: "As a proud former resident of Wolverhampton, the Black Country, I’m very happy to wish everybody a happy Black Country Day."

Stourbridge News:

Dudley South MP Mike Wood, who asked the PM if he had a message for the people of the Black Country on this annual day of celebration, said: “Black Country Day is about celebrating not just our proud industrial heritage but also the strength of our community today."

Mr Wood, pictured above with Mr Johnson, added: "Gracie Sheppard’s Flag has provided an amazing focus for our regional identity, boosting local business and cultural organisations.

"This is obviously a very different Black Country Day to the normal month-long Black Country festival, but it has never been more important for us to be promoting our local businesses, local tourism and all the Black Country has to offer.

“To have the Prime Minister join us in this celebration of the Black Country is a real boost for our region.”