BAD reviews of pub and restaurant toilets in Dudley and Sandwell feature in a data study which reveals the areas of the UK with the worst facilities.

Tripadvisor is full of toilet horror stories covering the whole of the UK which digital experts for hardware seller Latham’s Hardware have analysed to try to find out which areas of the country have the worst toilet facilities in bars and restaurants.

To get the data, they scraped Tripadvisor reviews of around 110,000 pubs and restaurants in the UK and isolated any reviews where the customer had specifically mentioned the toilets.

A PR spokesman for the company, which sells toilet locks and toilet door signs among other things, said: “With pubs and restaurants in the UK beginning to open back up - we thought it would be fun to see where the dirtiest pub and restaurant toilets were in the UK.”

He said the research was “a little tongue in cheek and a bit of a fun experiment” as the country emerges from lockdown but added: “We hope restaurants and pubs tighten up on unhygienic toilets to keep customers safe and the country moving.”

The research, which factors in the population of different areas, revealed 0.9 per cent of complaints about toilets on Tripadvisor related to pubs and restaurants in the West Midlands which puts the region in the top 30 areas of the country with the lowest number of bad toilet reviews – and the spokesman added: “If we take the top 10 biggest cities in the UK, Birmingham ranks third cleanest.”

Edinburgh was the city found to have the worst reviews for its WCs, followed by Glasgow, according to the analysis.

Meanwhile - county and council areas in Scotland were found to have the least poor reviews (making up the top six) with Bedfordshire found to have the lowest number of critical reviews about WCs in pubs/eateries in England followed closely by South Yorkshire and Northamptonshire.

Out of 329 reviews which specifically mention the toilets at bars and restaurants in the West Midlands – four per cent of those were about venues in the Dudley and Sandwell areas...14 poor reviews about loos in total.

We have chosen not to identify individual businesses but you can easily find some of them by typing the venue name plus Tripadvisor and toilets into Google.