A KNIFE-OBSESSED son murdered his mother and step-father by stabbing them more than 40 times in a “ferocious attack,” a court heard.

Anmol Singh Chana, 25, is accused of butchering Jasbir Kaur, 52, and her husband Rupinder Singh Bassan, 51.

His trial began at Birmingham Crown Court today (Tuesday August 11).

The couple were found dead at their Moat Road home in Oldbury, on February 25.

Stourbridge News:

Jurors heard they may have been killed on February 21 and their bodies lay inside the house for four days while he celebrated with escorts and drinking in a pub.

Jason Pitter QC, prosecuting, said Mrs Kaur’s daughter Kiran Singh alerted police at 4.20am on February 24 after she had been unable to contact them.

He told Birmingham Crown Court: “As things transpired the next time they were seen by anyone, apart from the defendant, was when police attended their home and found a scene of utter carnage.

“Because the prosecution say they had been brutally murdered, stabbed multiple times with knives, what must have been a ferocious attack.

“The tragedy is they allowed the defendant to stay under their roof.

“What did he do when he killed them? He left them. He took their car and a small amount of money.

“Mrs Kaur lived with Mr Bassan at an address in Oldbury. They had married a year before their death having been together a few years.

“The defendant had become violent to his sister and mother.

“He had developed a fascination with knives and knives had to be locked away in the house. Police were called multiple times."

Jurors heard that on one ocassion Chana sent a message about his mother saying "I want to knife her, pour boiling oil down her throat, pour her head into a chip pan".

Mr Pitter added: "Tragically he did one of those things."

He went on: “His family remained sympathetic to him and tried to help him over the years.

“Kiran Chana contacted the police who eventually were able to attend the house on February 25.

“They were met with a bloody scene and what appeared to be drag marks leading to the bodies in the rear living room.

“They had been stabbed multiple times inflicting what can be described as horrendous injuries.

“To Mr Bassan you can see wounds to his front, to his neck and quite a significant disruption to the back of his neck area.

“Paramedics came and found they had been dead for some time. The defendant wasn’t present.”

The court heard Chana had attended Birmingham City Hospital on February 23 with an injured thumb which was caused by the couple desperately trying to defend themselves.

Jurors heard that after the killing, Chana visited an escort and went drinking in a pub before booking a plane ticket to Italy.

Mr Pitter said: “He was bitten quite severely on his thumb. We submit he was bitten while the victims were trying to fend off his attack.

“He saw several women, we submit one was an escort.

“He visited a pub where he had a drink and calmly played pool knowing his mother and her husband must have been dead.

“He deposited several hundred pounds in cash in a Halifax bank in Smethwick including some of the cash he had stolen from his mother.

“We know he was making plans to leave the country and purchased a plane ticket to Italy via Turkey.

“There was a reminder on his phone to buy another knife, but fortunately this was not put in effect.

“He was arrested at Hamilton Road for murder on February 25. At the point of his arrest he didn’t respond to the allegations being out to him.

“During that assessment at the police station there was no sign of apparent mental illness. The injury to his thumb was photographed.

“His house was searched and items of significance were found. They keys to the

Toyota Aygo, his passport and the travel details of Italy via Turkey.

“Also a combat knife sheathed in the blood of his victims found amongst the bed clothes.

“He denied killing anyone and said only God will judge him. When pressed by the officers, his response was a challenge. Where was the evidence?

“He denied doing anything wrong. The prosecution takes issue with that.

“The issues are the defendant’s interest in knives and history of attacking and being violent to family members.

“Would the people who wanted to look after him and putting a roof over his head put him at any harm at all?

“He now accepts killing them both but denied any wrongdoing. We anticipate he will say he was acting in a combination of self-defence and loss of control.

“Both of them died from in short from wounds inflicted by the defendant with a knife - stabbing, slicing injuries carried out while they trying to defend themselves throughout the process.

“On Mr Bassan there were in excess of 20 knife injuries, one penetrating his heart sufficient alone to kill him.

“One going right through his arm, one going his back and one going through his neck through and arteries and bisecting his spine.

“To his mother again in excess of 20 wounds to the front, back and neck and hands as she was trying to protect herself cutting to the bone.

“It was a ferocious attack, the prosecution says, and it is inevitable it must have taken some time.”

Chana, of Hamilton Road, Smethwick, denies two counts of murder. The trial, expected to last two weeks, continues.