A DEVELOPER has submitted plans for 13 houses on land in Oldbury after a previous application was turned down.

The proposal is to build 13 detached homes on Brook Road Open Space on Wolverhampton Road - next to the PDSA pet hospital site.

There would be a mix of five bedroom homes with detached garages and four bedroom homes with an integral garage.

The application states that the site was sold to the applicant Rajesh Kumar Sood by Sandwell Council for the development of houses.

The previous application was rejected at a planning committee meeting in March 2020 on the grounds that there was insufficient parking, concerns over highway safety, flood risk and the fact that the development would result in the loss of open space.

The application states: "These grounds for rejection seem largely misinformed and contrary to expert consultation that was sought throughout the development of the original submission. This resubmission addresses these grounds for rejection."

It goes on to say that the council's flooding officer had accepted a report stating there was no objection on the grounds of flood risk and that there is adequate parking with two off-road and one garage space for the four beds and three off-road and one garage space for the five beds.

It states that affordable housing will not be included as: "given that the development would provide 13 units, and taking into account both the time it took to reach a recommendation and the time lost from the refusal of the previous application I find it unreasonable to comply with affordable housing standards."

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The design and access statement reads: "The grounds for rejection seem arbitrary in nature and thus highly concerning.

"Should this application be rejected again without sufficient proof, it will leave the applicant with no option but to go for appeal."

The homes would be accessed from a new circular road around the perimeter of the site with private entrances to the rear gardens.

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