LEADING businesses in the event and creative industries in the Black Country have united to demonstrate to the government how their industry has been decimated by the coronavirus crisis.

Wordsley based firms Stage Audio Services, Ian Livie Lighting and Core Pro Audio lit up the iconic Red House Glass Cone for a spectacular light show as part of the national We Make Events Red Alert Day on Tuesday, August 11.

Staff wore red and stood in front of the iconic landmark as it was bathed in crimson light at the culmination of a day which saw professionals from across the event and music industry join forces to send a 'red alert' to highlight the plight their industry and the wider supply chain is facing in the wake of the pandemic.

A host of famous buildings in London were also illuminated for the event, including the London Eye, Tate Modern and National Theatre.

It comes as thousands of workers across the industry have been out of work since March when lockdown sent gigs and events over the cliff.

The industry includes a huge supply chain ranging from production, audio, lighting and video, to logistics, planning, transportation, and some of the world’s leading technology manufacturers.

With gigs and large scale events expected to be among the last to emerge from lockdown, it could be spring 2021 at the earliest when the industry can restart.

Kevin Mobberley, head of Stage Audio Services in Wordsley, explained: "It's part of a national strategy to make the government aware of the plight of our industry. Without additional support for the supply chain, the UK is in danger of losing its global position as a world leader in world class events. Moreover, all of our incredible creatives and technicians could lose their livelihoods for good.

"The people in this industry are really high skilled. If you go to festival, one month before it is just a green field. We can build a city in three weeks. For Download we built a city for 100,000 people."

Kevin's firm is a vital part of the music industry in the Black Country. A career spanning 38 years has seen him work with the likes of Robert Plant, The Wonder Stuff, Ned's Atomic Dustbin and Beverley Knight.

The firm also provides audio services for some of the biggest events in the country including Glastonbury and Download Festival and is based next door the cone, alongside Ian Livie Lighting and Core Pro Audio who together provide a 'one stop shop' for some of the biggest events in the region and further afield.

Now, the industry is calling for tangible help from the government before thousands of people across the country lose their livelihood.

Kevin added: "We can't repurpose to do anything else and social distancing events will not really work, it is difficult enough for the promoters to put these shows together on full capacity.

"No-one can get Covid insurance and the people who put these events together are not going to if there is a risk of a local lockdown."

For more information on the campaign search for #WeMakeEvents on social media.