STOURBRIDGE is celebrating ten years as a Fairtrade town thanks to ongoing work by Stourbridge Fairtrade.

The campaign group has worked tirelessly with shops, schools, community organisations and Dudley Council to gain and retain the status it was first awarded in September 2010 when it became the borough's first Fairtrade town.

It recently had its status renewed, in July 2020, thanks to a strong submission by the group.

The town also has two Fairtrade schools - St James’s C of E Primary School and Oldswinford C of E Primary and a number of Fairtrade churches.

The group celebrates Fairtrade Fortnight in the town centre every year - whether it’s giving away trolley loads of Fairtrade bananas or hosting a Fairtrade bake-off, and group members have attended events like Love Stourbridge and Stourbridge Carnival and continues to find new ways to spread the Fairtrade message.

Many people, shops, schools, churches and organisations have helped the group to promote Fairtrade locally in many ways, whether by stocking Fairtrade goods, putting up displays about Fairtrade, running competitions or simply promoting the benefits of Fairtrade.

Dudley Council is a Fairtrade Council supporting Fairtrade within the authority and promoting events run by the borough’s two Fairtrade towns, Stourbridge and Sedgley, during Fairtrade Fortnight.

The council hosted a pop-up exhibition in the council house during this year’s Fairtrade Fortnight.

Virginia Williams, from Stourbridge Fairtrade, said: "We at the Stourbridge Fairtrade Town Group want to thank everyone who, over the last 10 years, and before, helped us to achieve and maintain our Fairtrade Town status. Buying Fairtrade really makes a difference to farmers in the developing world.

"Fairtrade Farmers get a better price for their products and use the extra money from the Fairtrade Premium to benefit their communities. During the pandemic in Ecuador, banana farmers have given their bananas free to vulnerable communities and used their Fairtrade Premium to buy essential medical equipment."

Councillor David Vickers, deputy leader of Dudley Council, congratulated the group on their "hard work and dedication to championing Fairtrade" and he added: "Ten years as a Fairtrade Town is really impressive as the group has to show how they are continuing to spread and grow the Fairtrade message each year."

To find out more about the group and their latest campaign check out Stourbridge Fairtrade on Facebook.

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