Name: House of Colour Stourbridge

Address: Wentworth Road, Stourbridge



Social Media: Instragram - / Facebook - @houseofcolourkirstymack


Who are you?

My name is Kirsty – I am an image consultant with House of Colour and I’m based in Stourbridge.


When did you open and why?

I opened House of Colour Stourbridge two weeks before lockdown which was an interesting time to start a new business! I started House of Colour Stourbridge because I want to help people to look and feel like the very best version of themselves. Five years ago I turned up for my own colour analysis session dressed head to toe in black which is what I wore most days. All of that changed after colour analysis and over time I stopped wearing black and grey and started wearing colour. Understanding which particular shades of colours made me look most radiant and healthy, and how to put different colours together, had a huge impact on my self-confidence and I felt compelled to do the same for other people.


Tell us about your business My core services are colour analysis and personal styling. I also offer wardrobe reviews/decluttering, personal shopping, make-up and skincare. I work with brides-to-be to find their best ‘white’ and with businesses and professionals to enhance confidence and credibility in the workplace.

Colour analysis: Most of my clients come to me explaining that they would love to have a colourful wardrobe but they don’t know where to start, they don’t know what really suits them and often don’t have the confidence to put colour combinations together. All of this is covered during colour analysis - a highly detailed process which can only be delivered face to face (and now using PPE). Natural light is essential to enable me to see the subtle changes in your face that occur with our 144 precision dyed drapes. During the session we discover your best colour palette (spring, summer, autumn or winter) - colours that enhance your natural skin tone making you look fresher, brighter and healthier. The beauty of your colour palette is that all of the colours will work together - so your whole wardrobe will coordinate but definitely won't be boring!

Personal styling: A client recently described it as ‘clothing counselling’ which I think sums it up perfectly! My personal styling process places as much importance on the person as on their body shape and proportions. Understanding your body architecture (how you're put together) is important, but more important is making sure that you, your personality/the essence of you, is reflected in the way that you dress. Most people in the UK wear 20% of their wardrobe 80% of the time. When I review people's wardrobes there are almost always clothes that still have the tags on - "bargains" that have never been worn. There are always things that people liked on the hanger, or on other people, but that they don't feel right in - but they don't understand why. At the end of the style session you will have a detailed understanding of the styles and shapes of clothing that work for your body and your personality and why - including your most flattering necklines, lengths of skirts, trousers and jackets, size and scale of patterns and accessories, choice of fabrics, and much more. My styling sessions can be delivered online or face to face.

Weddings: I also work with brides-to-be to identify their best flattering shade of "white" - from the crisp icy whites and silvers of the winter season, to the softer ivories of autumn, and dusky pinks of summer. Whether you want to wear "white", or a softer neutral, (or go bold!), I can help identify the perfect colour for a wedding dress. Bespoke packages are also available for couples, bridesmaids and mother/father of the bride/groom. Business/professional services: We are living in a world that is more visual than ever before. Many people are spending hours each day in online meetings - and more and more business and professional services are now being delivered online. Personal branding has never been so important. You have 90 seconds to make an impression - 67% of which is visual. Your on-screen image is just as important as if you were in the physical work place - more so perhaps because the usual nuances of human interaction are missing. Equally as important is that the image you portray is true to you - your authentic self. We perform best when we feel comfortable and confident - and how we express ourselves through what we wear is an integral part of that. I work with individuals and groups to develop their own signature style that authentically reflects the person on the inside - enhancing confidence, credibility and visibility in the workplace.

Who are your customers? Everyone who wears clothes!