THREE cars went up in flames in Lye at the weekend in frightening scenes in a residential street.

West Midlands Fire Service was alerted at 2.04am in the early hours of Sunday (October 11) to reports of three vehicles on fire in Balds Lane, Lye.

Ten firefighters, from Oldbury and Haden Cross Fire Stations, attended the incident which was described as "terrifying" on social media.

A spokesman for the fire service said the first crew arrived on the scene within four minutes but one of the vehicles had "suffered near total fire damage" and he added: "The other two were damaged but to a lesser extent."

He said the incident - seen in the above video which was posted to the Lye Action Group Facebook page - was being treated as suspected arson and that West Midlands Police also attended.

A spokesman for West Midlands Police said: "We were called after three cars were damaged following a suspected arson attack in Balds Lane, Stourbridge, at around 2am on October 11.

"Anyone with information can contact us via Live Chat, or by calling 101, and quoting 20DY/246844Q/20."

A car was engulfed in flames in Valley Road just two weeks earlier at around 3am on Sunday September 27 in what was also described as a deliberate offence.

Social media posts have suggested the cars were petrol bombed.

Glyn Statham, who runs the Stourbridge Crime Central Facebook site, said: "It's hard to believe this is happening locally. Stourbridge and surrounding areas use to be nice places. Can’t believe all that’s going on. "Thank God no lives were lost, given how close the car was to houses. If the petrol tank had been full there would have been a massive explosion."