IT'S all over. Stourbridge Junction's feline star George the cat led a fierce campaign on behalf of the station in the grand final of the World Cup of Stations.

But despite a purr-fect effort, which saw commuters, politicians, community people and groups, railway fans and cat fans, retweeting his Twitter posts throughout the day - the team at Glasgow Queen Street were hot on his tail and in the final few minutes managed to score 31.3 per cent of the vote to Stourbridge Junction's 31 per cent!

So the Scots have beaten the valiant attempt by Stourbridge Junction to clinch the title of best station in the Rail Delivery Group's annual celebration of UK train stations.

London King's Cross won 21.9 per cent of the Twitter vote and Huddersfield - home of Felix the railway cat - just 15.8 per cent.

Announcing the results on his very own Twitter channel, George said: "Glasgow just pipped us with 0.3 per cent more. Many congratulations to Glasgow, thank you to every single one of you who voted and RT and cheered along for us - it means an awful lot to know that you were all behind us, thank you all - Love George #CatsOfTwitter."

Stourbridge Junction, operated by West Midlands Railway, was shortlisted in the competition in part due to the hard work shown by staff in installing new signage and educating passengers to ensure they can travel safely and comfortably amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Resident ginger and white cat George, the station's much-loved furry ambassador, was credited for the nomination as he helps the station to spread the latest railway safety messages through his very own social media accounts.