FENCING could be added to a Stourbridge park bowling green to protect it from repeated damage.

Wollescote Park bowling green has been hit by a number of vandal attacks which have damaged the surface of the green and left it unplayable.

Dudley Council has put forward a number of options for the site including fencing which will be considered by the Ernest Stevens Trust Management Committee when it meets on October 28.

Councillor Karen Shakespeare, Dudley's cabinet member for public realm, said: "It’s very frustrating that we have had these issues with anti-social behaviour at the park which must be frustrating for bowling green members and other park users.

"We have been looking at what options we have for the site and this report to the Ernest Stevens Trust Management team will help them make an informed decision about how to protect the site.

"In the meantime, if people see anyone deliberately damaging the green they should inform the police. This is ultimately costing taxpayers money to put it right.

"The green is also being used for unauthorised football games which damages the surface and there have been issues with motorbikes accessing the site."

Three options are being put to the committee including a 2.5-metre high heritage style fence, which would incorporate the front lawn and limit access to the hall or a 1.8-metre high bow top style fence around the perimeter of the bowling green. A third option of a 0.9-metre high bow top style fence around the perimeter of the bowling green is also being proposed.

The cost of the options ranges from £16,000 to £125,000 and would also need to take into account any potential impact on the park’s listed building and may require planning approval.

Funding opportunities will also need to be identified.