Take a picture tour of the basement of a Kinver house in the running to be voted Britain’s best home games room.

Win or lose, the room has been a Godsend for the home’s owners through lockdown.

It has a bar, darts board, pool table that can also transform into a table tennis table or dining table, widescreen TV, and a few other home comforts that make it perfect for hunkering down in.

And husband Rob has also turned it into a home office when he has been working from home.

The room is the handiwork of finance director Rob, its design style is the work of wife Aimee, while their two young daughters reap the rewards with their Saturday film nights and much more.

The family’s stylish den is in the final ten of a national competition run by Home Leisure Direct, who supply the specialist entertainment equipment that fills the country’s games rooms.

Across the country people are spending thousands of pounds on pool tables, arcade machines, juke boxes and the like to create their own perfect fun room.

Aimee and Rob, both in their 30s, have not gone to those lengths. They have worked to a budget as they renovate the five bedroom house they bought at auction.

“We started on the basement because we could not do the other rooms until major plumbing issues had been sorted out,” said Aimee.

The timing happened to be perfect. They moved in last September, had the games room done in time for a New Year’s party, then had it to escape to during lockdown.

“We have a few friends who are desperate for the second lockdown to be over they so they can come back and enjoy it.”

Their room is far from a ‘man cave.’ While the bar stands at one end, the other has a sofa and coffee table and a more cosy feel for family film viewing.

The couple are still in the process of renovating their ‘dream home’ and Aimee’s design style and progress can be followed on an Instagram account @the.compa.house. So far she has 2,000 followers.

To vote for Aimee go to https://www.homeleisuredirect.com/games-room-vote/

But be quick, voting ends tomorrow (Sunday)

Want some of the fun? Here’s what it costs and what’s ‘on trend’


Stourbridge News:

Equipping a games room does not come cheap.

Aimee and Rob inherited a snooker table when they bought the house, and selling that helped pay for the pool table and other work, while Rob recycled material from the old bar that was there. The couple have been working to a budget for their renovation work.

But lockdown has spurred many other people to fork out, with one contestant in this year’s final saying he spent more than £30,000.

Home Leisure Direct say their Bristol-based business has ‘gone crazy’ since lockdown.

So what’s ‘on trend’ for home entertainment enthusiasts? Most popular and the price range:

1, Pool Tables: low £1,000 – high £50,000

From a basic table you can move on up to dual purpose ones that transform into table tennis tables or dining tables, to upmarket bespoke tables, often made in Italy

2, Arcade machines: low £270 – high £2,000+From laptop machines which play through the TV, to the stand-up ones you associate with arcades. You can get original retro machines. Some also come with built-in fridge

3, Juke box: low £5,000 – high £12,000+

Retro ones are rare, new ones can play CDs, be digital or play vinyl if you have kept your collection.

4, Pinball machines: low £3,500 – high £11,000+

Reconditioned machines are cheaper, modern ones more expensive, including ones so modern they have Marvel Avengers themes.

Six out of ten British games rooms tend to have a pool table as a centre piece and one other essential item – the bar!