A Kinver woman has just missed out on having her family den named Britain’s Best Games Room.

Instead a woman from Telford has become the first female winner in the five-year history of the competition.

The stylish family room created by Aimee and husband Rob in the basement of the home they are currently renovating is in stark contrast to the winner.

Kayleigh Verity’s games room is grunge themed, which clearly went down well with the voters in the contest run by the Home Leisure Direct company.

Check out our gallery of pictures to compare and contrast.

Kayleigh’s room has tributes to heavy metal and rock legends. It showcases graffiti artwork covering each wall, a well-stocked home bar and Nirvana neon writing, alongside a Street Fighter Arcade Machine, Jack Daniel’s Pool table and Poker table.

Aimee’s room has a bar, darts board, pool table that can also transform into a table tennis table or dining table, widescreen TV, and a few other home comforts that make it perfect for hunkering down in.

It has a far more cosy, family atmosphere, and one of the key uses is Saturday film nights for Aimee, Rob and their two daughters.

Kayleigh win the £1,000 first prize, but Aimee says the main thing is that the games room has been a Godsend for lockdown.

We’re probably biased, but we prefer Aimee’s!

What’s on trend?

Home Leisure Direct say their Bristol-based business has ‘gone crazy’ since lockdown, with some people spending tens of thousands of pounds equipping their dens.

Most popular items are:

1, Pool Tables: £1,000 to £50,000

2, Arcade machines: £270 to £2,000+

3, Juke box: £5,000 to high £12,000+

4, Pinball machines: £3,500 to high £11,000+

Six out of ten British games room tend to have a pool table as a centre piece and one other essential item – the bar!