HAGLEY is combining hi-tech with pots and pans to hopefully create a bit of special Christmas community spirit.

The tech is in the shape of a special Christmas video offering a virtual alternative to the annual Christmas fayre that has had to be cancelled because of Covid.

But there is also a plan to usher in Christmas Day with a ‘make some noise’ event to take the place of normal well-wishing.

This weekend the village is due to launch a special Christmas video via YouTube.

Called ‘Christmas in Hagley – Virtually the same’, it features well wishes from community groups, businesses, the parish council and – of course - a special feature from Santa himself.

Normally the village’s Christmas fayre has the main street thronging with thousands of people.

Natalie Price of Priceless Business Support added “The traditional Hagley Christmas event is something my family look forward to every year. In what are difficult times for many, it’s been a pleasure to be involved in something which will offer our community the opportunity to come together to celebrate Christmas.”

Local Councillor Steve Colella also paid tribute to the Lifecentral Church who helped with technical support and were keen members of the orgnaising group.

“The video has been so much fun to put together from filming some of the traders in the High Street and then putting all the clips together,” said Cllr Colella.

Jo Gregory, Location Pastor at Lifecentral Church, Hagley, said: “After the difficult year we've all had in 2020 and not being able to have the normal Hagley Christmas Fayre , we all wanted to bring some joy and hope to the streets and people of Hagley this Christmas time!

You can watch the video by searching on YouTube or it is due to be played on the external TV at the West One bar.

Meanwhile at 6pm on Christmas Eve the churches are being asked to ring out their bells and residents are encouraged to come out onto the doorsteps to make some noise to bring Christmas in with a bang.

“People can clap or use pots and pans and raise a glass to absent friends. Let’s gert some momentum into Christmas,” said Cllr Colella