WOLLASTON traders are celebrating after their plea for Christmas lights was heard.

Rachel Gardiner, of SAS Blinds in Bridgnorth Road, had long wished to see a bit of sparkle at Christmastime in the village so she decided to ask her local councillor Nic Barlow for help.

She said: "Years ago we used to have some lights, the traders all gave money and we had our own but they disappeared; and in recent years there's just been a few lights thrown up in the trees that have been pollarded."

Fed-up of feeling left out, and with many using Christmas as a way to bring a cheerier end to the coronavirus gloom of 2020, she decided to try her luck and ask for a few decorations for Wollaston.

To her delight, Cllr Barlow was keen and quick to help bring some festive cheer to the village.

He said: "No-one had contacted me before about Christmas lights so I'm grateful that she did.

"It's something I've looked at getting for several years but sadly it gets kicked into the long grass due to other, more important, matters and then time goes against us."

Stourbridge News:

He said money was found in the community forum budget to help pay for a few lights and he added: "I was born and brought up in Wollaston, and still live there, and I'm proud of our very busy village, so I'm pleased to have been able to get this long-overdue addition to the area and I hope to build on this next year with the support of local businesses."

Rachel said: "It's really cheered me up no end. After 30 years it's nice to see some lights up."