A BID to build a house on land at the side of an Oldswinford home has been turned down amid concerns trees could collapse and harm children and parents travelling to a nearby school.

The proposal to build a detached house on the corner of Marlborough Drive and Swinford Road has been refused by Dudley Council planners.

Planning notes stated the two-storey, two-bedroom house would have had two parking spaces at the front.

The application was submitted by the occupier of no.1 Marlborough Drive, to build a home on the side of the plot.

A report recommending refusal states that the development could damage the roots of trees along the road, causing them to collapse, with the area used by children getting to Oldswinford CofE Primary in Field Lane.

The report by council planners states that there are concerns "about the impact of the development on the mature Highway trees given how substantial they are."

It goes on: "Damage to the main roots may cause failure impacting on the property or the highway.

"The arboricultural officer will assess this issue however, if the failure was at start or end of the primary school day it could have serious repercussions given how busy the area becomes around the local primary school."

Stourbridge News: Plans by Pharaoh Designs, KingswinfordPlans by Pharaoh Designs, Kingswinford

The report states that only one comment was received during consultation, from a resident who had concerns over the trees on Swinford Road.

It goes on: "The site in question is a prominent corner-plot location that constitutes garden land associated with no.1 Marlborough Drive.

"The erection of a new dwelling here would reduce the openness of the corner plot and appear overly large and unduly prominent.

"In addition, there is an established building line with no.1 Marlborough Drive and the surrounding dwellings on Swinford Road, which would be decimated with the erection of a new dwelling on this site."

Highways officers stated access to the drive could become an issue if the exiting home at 1 Marlborough Drive was sold off in the future.

The application plot is also near Rudolph Steiner School in Love Lane.

Stourbridge News: Plans submitted to Dudley Council. By Pharaoh Designs, KingswinfordPlans submitted to Dudley Council. By Pharaoh Designs, Kingswinford