Dudley Council House was lit up in blue and green as the council threw its weight behind the renewed Clap for Heroes initiative.

But generally the new Clap for Carers seems to have been far more muted than the first - both nationally and across the borough - with a lot fewer people out on their doorsteps clapping or banging their pots and pans.

The question is whether that's because the bitingly cold weather put people off, or if the initiative is just running out of steam.

The council encouraged residents to open their doors and windows at 8pm ‘to acknowledge the dedication of key workers and NHS staff who continue to deliver essential services in the latest resurgence of the coronavirus.’

The Mayor, Councillor David Stanley, said: “This is a re-creation of the Clap for Carers initiative which ran for ten weeks during the first national lockdown."

He had encouraged residents across the borough to join in and "show our dedicated frontline staff once again how much we all appreciate them" and he added: "We must all do our part in tackling this virus by following government guidelines on staying at home, wherever it is possible, in order to protect the NHS and key workers to help save lives."

However, the initial Clap for Carers was ended amid some controversy that the initiative had become too 'political' and the renewed effort has been met by many doctors and nurses arguing they don't need claps, they need people to stay home and the government to fund the NHS better.

One resident of Pedmore in Stourbridge who contacted us said: "It was very quiet in our street compared to how every household seemed to take part earlier in the year.

"I didn't go out because I simply forgot, which I guess says something in itself.

"But it was freezing anyway and, in truth, I have great doubts it has the same feelgood factor any more."

  • What was it like in your street? Did you clap for carers again? Let us know