IT’S the Fruitellas that are the real killers!

When adults go on Dry January it’s that end-of-the-day glass of wine that many people miss, but for Jude Jonwood it’s the fruity sweets that he really craves.

But mum Lisa says Jude has more willpower and discipline than most adults, so he never gives in, and that’s why he raises so much money for good causes on his No Treats Januarys.

Jude, a pupil at Old Swinford Hospital School, has banned himself from sweet things for the last three Januarys and each year the money he raises has been increasing.

This year the 11-year-old is targeting £200 for the Brain Charity in memory of the Aida Williams, the footballing father of a schoolfriend, who died of Motor Neurone Disease.

Lisa, from Norton, said Jude had originally started his annual fundraising after seeing an advert just before Christmas about the Children’s Cancer Trust.

He asked her what he could do and Lisa told him about how adults often do Dry January.

Jude decided he would try banning himself from sweet things, and the first year he raised £42 through mum’s friends.

Spurred on, the next year he set up a Gofundme page and raise £260 for disabled children who cannot enjoy the sort of sporting activities that he likes as a player with Stourbridge football club.

This year he is well on his way to beating that total, having already reached £160 and most of the month to go.

And next year he’s planning to go further, with a physical challenge, perhaps a 100-mile cycle marathon.

“I’m very proud of him,” said Lisa, who quietly admits she doesn’t have the willpower to do Dry January.

Roll on February 1, and a juicy Fruitella for Jude.

To help Jude reach his target, go to: