RESTAURANTS across the area are joining a local scheme to supply free meals to the homeless and needy.

Instead of 'Eat Out to Help Out', a Belbroughton restaurant has launched Eat In to Help Others – delivering free meals to homeless centres within a 10-mile radius every Sunday.

And as knowledge of the scheme spreads so more restaurants in Dudley and the Black Country are joining in.

So far Five Spice restaurant have delivered more than 350 meals to St Basils Charity in Bromsgrove, Kidderminster and Redditch, which includes a unit for vulnerable mothers and babies.

Now the Balti Bazaar at Lye, near Stourbridge, is backing the campaign, plus restaurants in Walsall and Stafford.

The scheme was launched in early December and is due to run until February.

The restaurant donates one main meal to local homeless shelters with every takeaway order they receive.

Sadiq Niah, who manages the restaurant and delivers the food himself, said: “Our goal is to encourage other restaurants across the UK to do the same.

“We are aware that in these difficult times, so many people are really struggling and becoming homeless and we just want to try and do our little bit to help ‘Eat In To Help Others’ is our version of ‘Eat Out to Help Out.’

If you can help, contact