A CAMPAIGN been launched to raise money for local music industry workers and sound technicians left unable to work during the pandemic.

Eddy Morton, of Katie Fitzgerald's pub and a founder member of Stourbridge Foundation 4 music and Stourbridge Community Development Trust CIC, has started a 'local crew support' Go Fund Me appeal after hearing sound engineers and lighting technicians have been having to seek help from Foodbanks - having lost virtually all work and income due to the Covid-19 crisis.

Eddy, whose pub in Enville Street remains shut due to the crisis, said: "Despite all our own difficulties here at Katie Fitzgerald's and the latest setback to our re opening, people who work in these support industries have been decimated by the current situation and will have seen all hope of a quick return to touring and events disappear for the immediate future in this third lockdown.

"Many of these people are hard-working independent people with families, who with great skills and and constant hard work have built careers that are now under threat.

"Many of them will have seen very little support from government if any.

"We are world leaders in this field here in the UK and we need to support those grassroots workers if we are to see the successful return of the amazing range of festivals and events that provide such a valuable social and cultural contribution to the life of our country and to the whole world.

"This fundraiser will through mutual support and with a range of actions look to provide financial help to local crew living in Stourbridge and eventually if possible further afield."

Stourbridge Foundation 4 music got the ball rolling with a £250 donation to the appeal and Eddy has said more than £1,000 has been pledged towards the £2,000 target in just a matter of days.

Anyone wishing to make a donation can do so online at gofundme.com/f/katie-fitzgeralds-local-crew/