BRITAIN is leading the global fightback against Covid with a vaccination programme that is fast becoming the envy of the world.

Within the country, the Midlands is at the forefront with around 500,000 doses of vaccines delivered.

As I write, we have given 4.4 million vaccinations across the UK and that’s way ahead of countries like France, Germany and Italy.

Two of those doses were for my parents, who received their jabs at two different locations in the last few days with me acting as their taxi driver.

This means I have now visited three vaccination centres - one as MP and two as a daughter - and I just couldn’t be more delighted at how things are going and how efficient and professional the operation is.

It was also quite emotional to see my parents, who have had their life on hold now for a year, receive their jabs.

The NHS is doing a great job and remains on course to vaccinate the top four priorities - care home residents, over 70s, health and care workers and the clinically extremely vulnerable by mid-February.

In some places the over 70s and clinically vulnerable are being called forward as we are ahead of schedule with vaccinating those over 80.

This is all great news for ending lockdown and getting back to normal.

The key message here is that everyone will be offered their jab, so please be patient and wait for the NHS to get in touch.

There is nearly a month to go before the mid-Feb deadline for those top four groups.

I completely understand how sons and daughters are worried their elderly parents have been missed – I worried too – but it will happen.

I do get emails and phone calls from concerned children saying their loved ones haven’t got the jab yet but a few days later they call and say, ‘It’s ok, mom got it today’.

And please do go and get the jab and ignore the anti-vax nonsense doing the rounds on social media.

If you are worried about it then go to reputable websites like The Lancet or the NHS website to seek answers to your questions.

During lockdown it’s very difficult for me to meet people and get out and about.

To solve this problem, I am holding regular Virtual Advice Surgeries to hear about any issues you’re having.

Remember, it's good to talk, so please do get in contact with my office for an appointment, either online or by phone.

My (virtual) doors are always open.