COMMUNITY groups in Hagley, Blebroughton and the Clent area could apply for £5000 if a Bromsgrove district council plan gets the go-ahead

The Conservative group are suggesting an £80,000 fund be be set up to provide grants from local organisations

The idea is being proposed as part of the council's annual budget.

Under the scheme community groups would be able to apply for up to £5000 for projects of their choice.

The money could cover the entire cost of projects or could add to existing funds to make a project more ambitious.

The grants could pay for a variety of projects such as community gardens, allotments or equipment for youth groups.

Councillor Geoff Denaro said: “The residents of Bromsgrove have demonstrated extraordinary initiative and community spirit throughout this pandemic, which is something we very much want to support and foster.

“We believe in the people of Bromsgrove and, moreover, know they are well placed to know how to support their neighbourhood.”

Council leader, Karen May: “I am absolutely delighted with this initiative to assist important local community projects as we begin our recovery from Covid.”