A new Dudley company is hoping to take the Midlands tea-drinking market by storm with its offering of the first ready-to-drink Pink Chai tea.

Also known as Kashmiri Chai, the traditional drink from the Kashmir Valley between India and Pakistan normally takes hours to make.

But Mohammed Asif, from Priory Road, Dudley, has launched a company to sell a ready-to-drink version through shops or online.

He has already agreed deals with ten stores across Dudley and into Birmingham.

Featuring a blend of green tea, cardamom and cinnamon, Pink Chai boasts a smooth, rich pink colour.

It is traditionally served at Asian weddings. Its distinctive colour develops after a long and complicated brewing process.

But Pink Chai Ltd made it their goal to simplify this process. While traditional Chai and powdered Chai need to be prepared, the ready to drink version can be heated or chilled, then simply poured and enjoyed. It has shelf life of 12 months.

Mohammed said: “I first tried the tea at my friend’s house and absolutely fell in love with it. I wanted to find a way for everyone to enjoy the perfect cup of Pink Chai.”

The tea is available online for UK customers and has been getting 5-star reviews on Amazon, and Mohammed has agreed wholesale contracts with 10 stores in the region.

“Pink Chai Ltd is planning to bring traditional Indian and Pakistani culture to the UK, making it accessible to everyone who wants to try it.”

For more information, go to: https://www.pinkchai.co.uk