STOURBRIDGE MP Suzanne Webb says she very much supports the lockdown exit plan to get "life back to normal slowly and cautiously" after the Prime Minister praised people in the town for "their patience and resilience" in dealing with the coronavirus crisis.

The Conservative MP welcomed the Prime Minister's plan announced to MPs in the House of Commons on Monday (February 22) and she told him via Zoom that she backed "the prudent and cautious measures to reducing lockdown restrictions".

She said: "We have all had our role to play in combating this virus and a role which will continue for some time. So, would the PM join me in saying thank you to all my constituents for their continued patience and resilience, to the fabulous Dudley NHS Trust, to my care homes, Mary Stevens Hospice, to all those unsung heroes, to my teaching fraternity, the army of vaccinators, to all key workers and those essential workers who have kept us fed and watered – all truly heroic efforts by one and all.”

In reply, the Prime Minister – who was announcing step by step lifting of lockdown measures in Parliament – said: “I congratulate my honourable friend on her brilliant question and I plant my flag on everything she has said and echo it. I add my thanks, not just to the people of Stourbridge for their patience and resilience, but the people of the entire country.”

Speaking afterwards, Ms Webb added: “I very much support this considered and well-prepared approach to getting life back to normal slowly and cautiously.

“I support it personally but I also support it because the people of Stourbridge I have spoken to are in favour too. They want to see an end to restrictions like everyone else but not at the risk of more lives lost and more lockdowns.

“These will be difficult months for everyone, especially those who have businesses closed down due to lockdown and those who face an uncertain job future.

“But the vaccination programme is starting to really work and generous government financial support remains in place. I think we can look forward to much better days ahead as we bounce back from this dreadful virus.”