IMAGINE ordering a pizza and the police turning up at the door with it?

That's exactly what happened in Kingswinford after officers stopped a delivery driver on suspicion of motoring offences before he had chance to drop off his order.

Police highlighted the amusing story in a neighbourhood alert sent out to residents yesterday.

Dudley PC Jardell Miller told how officers on patrol in a marked police car pulled over a driver for failing to wear a seatbelt correctly and for using a mobile phone at the wheel.

On stopping the vehicle they discovered the driver was delivering pizza to an address in Kingswinford but said checks revealed he didn't have the correct insurance so they were unable to allow him to continue with his journey and complete his delivery.

However, on discovering the delivery address was just around the corner - the kind-hearted officers decided to offer what help they could, with PC Miller telling how they "walked the five-minute walk and dropped the pizza off...much to the surprise of the customer".

He added: "Imagine ordering food and the police turning up at your door with it!

"We hope she gave us five stars, the only points the driver will be getting is six on his licence.

"We’ll continue to actively deal with road traffic offences in our area."

The driver was reported on suspicion of failing to wear a seatbelt correctly, using a mobile phone while driving and driving without the correct insurance in place.