'YARD & Beyond', the newest addition to Stourbridge High Street, is set open its doors for the first time this Thursday (April 29.)

The street food and bar concept is located behind Cock n’ Bull and is accessed by the path next to John Pargeter & Son’s furniture shop.

Open Thursday to Sunday each week, different street food vendors will set up camp to offer a wide variety of cuisines.

David Salmon, co-owner of Cock n’ Bull and Yard & Beyond, said their opening weekend is busy with Thursday night fully booked. He said: “We have always had the idea to do something with the land at the back of Cock n’ Bull for a while and with what's happened in the last year we needed to recuperate some of the losses. So, we thought now is the perfect time to convert what was a derelict unused car park into what is now Yard and Beyond.”

“We want to create a hub in Stourbridge and places for people to come and enjoy themselves in a safe place with a good atmosphere. Mr Souvlaki (also on Stourbridge High Street) will have a permanent residency with us called Souvlaki Street. We will have different street vendors every few weeks, with four different vendors every week.”

For the opening weekend, vendors include Souvlaki Street, Mexican street food seller El Contador, Hungarian cuisine from Hunstreat Kitchen and pizza from Roll the Base.

Accompanying the vendors will be Yard & Beyond’s Tiki bar which will sell rum-based cocktails and a DJ.

David added: “The cocktail menu will be released over the next few days and we are now doing giveaways for the opening weekend on social media.

“At the moment we are opening Thursday and Friday nights 5pm until 10pm and then Saturday and Sunday all day from 12pm. We will have an hour and half to two-hour time limits on the tables.”

To book a table and for more information visit Yard & Beyond’s website.