Madam - Would any of your readers cancel an Important household service without first lining up a suitable replacement? This is exactly what Dudley Council has done in withdrawing from the arrangements to allow Dudley residents to use Wolverhampton Council's Anchor Lane tip.

Telling residents in the North of the borough to travel to Stourbridge Recycling Centre is a totally inadequate response. Some will comply, but not everyone. So, we can expect:

  • More fly tipping;
  • More waste being burnt in people's gardens, creating pollution;
  • Additional air pollution, traffic congestion etc. as residents from the North of Dudley Borough make the longer journey to get to the Stourbridge Tip.

In 2020 Dudley's councillors declared a Climate Emergency. Yet, from every angle, the decision to withdraw access to the Anchor Lane tip without providing an alternative in the North of the borough flies in the face of that declaration. Further evidence that Dudley's Conservative councillors are not serious about combatting climate change.

Adrian Mabe

Green Party Candidate, Amblecote Ward, Dudley MBC 2021