HERE are the latest figures for coronavirus cases in Stourbridge.

It's good news as all areas recorded fewer than three cases - a dramatically different picture to back in January when Stourbridge Town & Old Quarter recorded 30 cases, Oldswinford and Pedmore 32 cases and Norton North 30 cases.

The latest data published on the Government website GOV.UK shows how many cases have been recorded in the seven days up to April 29 – the latest data available.

The figures are available on the interactive map which breaks down infections into areas with a population of around 7,200 called Super Middle Output Areas (MSOAs).

For each MSOA, the map shows the number of cases in the past week, increases or decreases compared to the week before and the rate of cases per 100,000 people.

For areas with fewer than 3 cases, no data is shown to protect individuals' identities.

The figures for Stourbridge are as follows:

Stourbridge Town & Old Quarter - fewer than 3 cases

Wollaston - Fewer than 3 cases

Norton North - Fewer than 3 cases

North South - Fewer than 3 cases

Oldswinford and Pedmore - Fewer than 3 cases

Pedmore Fields - Fewer than 3 cases

Put your postcode into the online tool to find out how many new cases have been recorded in your area at