DUDLEY'S Conservative Group has turned the borough overwhelmingly blue this morning after giving Labour a beating at the polls.

The Tories now hold 46 seats on Dudley Council and have finally gained the majority that has eluded them in recent election battles.

Councillor Patrick Harley, leader of Dudley's Conservative Group and Dudley Council, described the results as "unbelievable" and he added: "It's been a long-time coming."

Just three Labour councillors managed to hang onto their seats after voters went to the polls for the 2021 local election yesterday (Thursday May 6), while the Tories won a whopping 23.

Dudley's Labour Group lost 11 - with the Tories gaining 12.

Cllr Harley said it was almost unheard of for Conservatives to seize the likes of Cradley and Wollescote (where Natalie Neale beat long-serving Labour councillor Gaye Partridge), Lye (where newcomer Dave Borley won the seat from Labour) and St James's in Dudley (where Wayne Sullivan beat sitting councillor Asif Ahmed).

Stourbridge News: Long-serving Labour councillor Gaye Partridge lost Cradley and Wollescote to the ToriesLong-serving Labour councillor Gaye Partridge lost Cradley and Wollescote to the Tories

He said: "We thought we could have a clean sweep across the borough. We certainly didn't expect we'd have the majorities we had. We never thought we'd win Lye with a majority of 310."

In Brierley Hill, Conservative community campaigner Adam Davies managed to take the traditional Labour seat from sitting councillor Serena Craigie - stealing it from her with a majority of 681 votes in his second attempt at victory in the ward.

While Rebekkah Collins was similarly victorious in Brockmoor and Pensnett where she ousted long-serving Labour councillor John Martin, who has held the seat since 2012.

Stourbridge News: John Martin (Labour) has lost his Brockmoor and Pensnett seat to the Tories John Martin (Labour) has lost his Brockmoor and Pensnett seat to the Tories

Labour's dedicated community councillor Keiran Casey also lost his Upper Gornal and Woodsetton seat, having held it since 2012, to Tory Mark Westwood who won by 84 votes.

Stourbridge News: Labour's Hilary Bills has lost her seatLabour's Hilary Bills has lost her seat

While Labour stalwart Hilary Bills lost her Halesowen North seat to former UKIP-er Stuart Henley who is now back on the council as a Conservative.

Dudley Labour Group leader Councillor Qadar Zada said he and his party were disappointed with the results but they would pick themselves back up and rebuild.

He said: “The candidates are really gutted because they spent so much time out in their patch, working, supporting the people and of course they are going to be disappointed.

“But this isn’t a reflection on Dudley. What we are seeing is this replicated across the whole country.

“What we need to do is listen and learn. We will reflect deep and we will learn the lessons from this.

“We need to spend our time now analysing the results, understanding what the public have told us and how we can rebuild their trust and work with them.

“What we won’t do is spend the next 12 months finger pointing but actually being out and about in our communities, being visible and doing what they expect.”

Triumphant cllr Harley, however, believes it will be "extremely difficult" for Labour to regroup after such a resounding defeat and he said: "I believe we can have even more gains next year."

Just councillors Margaret Aston (Castle and Priory), Shaukat Ali (St Thomas's) and Sue Ridney (Coseley) managed to cling on to their long-held seats.

Stourbridge News: Councillors Margaret Aston, Shaukat Ali and Sue RidneyCouncillors Margaret Aston, Shaukat Ali and Sue Ridney

Cllr Harley said: "For the last four or five years we've been chipping away at the big Labour majorities in so-called safe seats."

Quarry Bank and Woodside also turned blue with the election of Rob Clinton following the retirement of long-serving Labour councillor Bryan Cotterill.

Cllr Harley told the News: "I think the good record we've got in running the council, the regeneration and popularity of Boris and the vaccine roll out and the fact that we've delivered Brexit - it's a good mixture of things to take to the electorate and they backed us."

The 46 seats held by the Tories is "an absolute record" for a Conservative group, cllr Harley said, adding: "This is the lowest number of Labour councillors they've ever had. They've had a really good kicking from the electorate."

Stourbridge MP Suzanne Webb said of the results: "I'm pleased as punch that we now have Conservative councillors in Lye, Cradley and Quarry Bank, and all three in Amblecote.

"This a testament to hard work and a massive endorsement of our policies and manifestos locally, regionally, and nationally.

"I am beyond thrilled at some of the results but, in particular, the result in Lye. An area long neglected by its Labour councillors. I know that it’s new Conservative councillor, Dave Borley, will be a terrific asset for the ward and I will work very closely with him to bring investment into the area - investment that is long overdue and will be forthcoming.

"Local people are desperate to improve their neighbourhoods and this will continue to be a focus for myself and all our new councillors. We will continue to deliver a real difference across Stourbridge.

"The Prime Minister’s visit only last week was a massive endorsement of his support for the people of Stourbridge. The local election results this week show that people recognise his and my core values of ensuring people succeed in life, can buy their own home and have lifelong job security."

The results mean the make of the council now sees the Conservatives with 46 seats, Labour with 24 and two independents.

Here are the full results by ward: 

Ellen Cobb (Labour) – 1,044
Ian Flynn (Liberal Democrats) – 119
Adrian Mabe (Green) – 123
Kamran Razzaq (Conservative) – 1,950
Jake Woodley (Independent) – 111
Turnout: 33.49 per cent

Belle Vale:
Daniel Bevan (Conservative) – 2,058
Peter Dobb (Conservative) – 1,779
Bill McComish (Green) – 290
Marjorie Pounder (Liberal Democrats) – 131
Savannah Southern (Labour) – 1,234
Andrew Tromans (Labour) – 976
Turnout: 35.05 per cent

Brierley Hill:
Claire Bramall (Liberal Democrats) – 84
Trevor Bunn (Reform UK) – 97
Serena Craigie (Labour) – 1.011
Adam Davies (Conservative) – 1,692
Turnout: 28.44 per cent

Brockmoor & Pensnett:
Rebbekah Collins (Conservative) – 1,207
Steve Edwards (Black Country Party) – 546
John Martin (Labour) – 919
Turnout: 27.8 per cent

Castle & Priory:
Margaret Aston (Labour) – 1,469
Liz Tilly (Liberal Democrats) – 116
Mark Webb (Conservative) – 1,430
Turnout: 26.35 per cent

Coseley East: 
Lynette Corfield (Conservative) – 1,068
Sue Ridney (Labour) – 1,330
Helen Wimlett (UKIP) – 116
Turnout: 26.66 per cent 

Cradley & Wollescote:
Natalie Neale (Conservative) – 1,395
Gaye Partridge (Labour) – 1, 232
Ryan Priest (Liberal Democrats) – 346
Sarah Smith (Black Country Party) – 199
Turnout: 33.01 per cent

Marian Howard (Labour) – 877
Mollie Priest (Liberal Democrats) – 68
David Stanley (Conservative) – 2,362
Stuart Turner (Social Democratic Party) – 71
Phil Wimlett (UKIP) – 75
Turnout: 33.97 per cent

Halesowen North:
Hilary Bills (Labour) – 1,498
Stuart Henley (Conservative) – 1,906
Andrew McKay (Liberal Democrats) – 107
Turnout: 38.55 per cent 

Halesowen South:
Derek Campbell (Liberal Democrats) – 159
Nick Gregory (Black Country Party) – 142
Donella Russell (Labour) – 910
David Vickers (Conservative) – 2,520
James Windridge (Green) – 230
Turnout: 41.02 per cent

Hayley Green & Cradley South:
Tony Barnsley (Lab) – 838
Ruth Buttery (Con) – 2,158
John Payne (Green) – 78
Ethan Stafford (Lib Dem) – 191
Turnout: 35.86 per cent

Netherton Woodside & St Andrew’s: 
Helen Betts-Patel (Labour) – 1,178
Damian Corfield (Conservative) – 1,329
Tracey Gregg (Liberal Democrats) – 65
Alexander Wright (Green) – 172
Turnout: 35.86 per cent

Kingswinford North & Wall Heath:
Phil Atkins (Conservative) – 2,358
Richard Lloyd (Labour) – 1,066
Shaz Saleem (Conservative) – 1,872
David Sheppard (Liberal Democrats) – 283
Adam Woodhall (Labour) – 1,132
Turnout: 41.88 per cent

Kingswinford South: 
Elizabeth Geeves (Liberal Democrats) – 434
Luke Johnson (Conservative) – 2,465
Daniel Round (Labour) – 771
Turnout: 36.99 per cent

Lye & Stourbridge North:
Dave Borley (Conservative) – 1,426
Gary Farmer (Libertarian Party) – 273
Abdul Qadus (Liberal Democrats) – 239
Maz Qari (Labour) – 1,116
Lawrence Rowlett (Green) – 159
Turnout: 35.28 per cent

Netherton Woodside & St Andrew’s: 
Helen Betts-Patel (Labour) – 1,178
Damian Corfield (Conservative) – 1,329
Tracey Gregg (Liberal Democrats) – 65
Alexander Wright (Green) – 172
Turnout: 27.48 per cent

Pam Archer (Green) – 378
Christopher Brammall (Liberal Democrats) – 295
Laura Taylor (Conservative) – 2,660
Paul White (Labour) – 829
Tim Woodley (Independent) – 86
Turnout: 45 per cent

Pedmore & Stourbridge East:
James Clinton (Conservative) – 2,713
Simon Hanson (Liberal Democrats) – 188
Catherine Maguire (Green) – 235
Rachel Tudor (Labour) – 1.054
Glen Wilson (Black Country Party) – 133
Turnout: 45.19 per cent

Quarry Bank & Dudley Wood:
Rob Clinton (Conservative) – 1,528
Richard Priest (Liberal Democrats) – 50
Brian Roe (Labour) – 912
Jason Sprintall (Green) – 121
Turnout: 26.08 per cent

Steve Beardsmore (Labour) – 779
Martin Day (Libertarian Party) – 131
Michael Evans (Conservative) – 2,530
Turnout: 36.35 per cent

St James’:
Asif Ahmed (Labour) – 1,084
Alison Miller (Liberal Democrats) – 179
Wayne Sullivan (Conservative) – 1,471
Turnout: 27.21 per cent

St Thomas’:
Shaukat Ali (Labour) – 1,853
Nicola Fisher (Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition) – 118
Sajid Hanif (Conservative) – 1,490
Sofie Harris (Liberal Democrats) – 153
Turnout: 34.8 per cent

Upper Gornal & Woodsetton:
Keiran Casey (Labour) – 1,313
Rich Colley (UKIP) – 50
Andy Griffin (Reform UK) – 80
Benjamin Perry (Liberal Democrats) – 43
Mark Westwood (Conservative) – 1,397
Turnout: 29.47 per cent

Wollaston & Stourbridge Town:
Jonathan Bramall (Liberal Democrats) – 164
Cat Eccles (Labour) – 1,678
Alan Hopwood (Conservative) – 2,176
Maxim Lowe (Black Country Party) – 200
Andi Mohr (Green) – 237
Turnout: 44.39 per cent

Muhammed Ikhlaq (Labour) – 579
Kerry Lewis (Conservative) – 2,466
Elaine Sheppard (Liberal Democrats) – 177
Jennifer Slater-Reid (Green) – 179
Turnout: 35.06 per cent