A CRADLEY church is celebrating installing a clock in its tower - after a wait of nearly 150 years.

St Peter's Church, Church Road, was built 146 years ago, but although there has always been space for a tower clock, one had never been fitted due to a lack of funds.

Now a clock dial which used to belong to St Luke's Church in Cradley Heath - which was demolished after it closed in 2014 - has been fitted.

The work has cost around £14,000, £9,000 of which has been raised through sponsored events including concerts, 'teddy bear jumps' from the tower and public donations.

Grants from organisations including Dudley Council's community fund have also boosted the tally.

Chimes are scheduled to be installed in the next couple of months.

The church is now appealing for people to sponsor a minute on the clock to help fundraising towards a new flagpole on its tower, replacing the original which was removed many years ago.

To join in, choose the specific minute you want to sponsor - which could be the anniversary of a birth, marriage, or in memory of a loved one - and write in no more than 100 words why it is so special to you.

Stories and donations - either cash or cheque - can then be sent to Just A Minute Appeal, Parish Office, 32 High Street, Halesowen B63 3BB.

Cheques should be made payable to Halas PCC St Peter's Church Cradley and marked Clock Fund on the back.